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silk tie collection handmade in england by edwin pireh

Partnering with the finest silk mills in the world, weavers in England and printers in Italy, our commitment in delivering the world’s finest quality celebrates a combined 500 year family heritage of artisan creations.

What makes Edwin Pireh unique is that all fabric patterns are initially hand designed by Edwin in Sydney, Australia. Taking months, and even years to complete, these hand drawings are refined into illustrious CAD presentations ready for our silk mills to begin the weaving or printing process. Once the silk is woven or printed at the mill, it is then handmade by artisans into the finest accessories available in the world.

In December 2013, Edwin Pireh has been reviewed amongst 150 of the world’s leading tie makers and awarded the honours of being amongst the top 18 in the world. Click here to read the read full article.

[tabs style=”vertical” title=”Exclusive services at Edwin Pireh;”] [tab title=”Ready-to-wear”]

Designed by Edwin Pireh and handmade by the finest silk artisans in the world from England and Italy, this collection for men and women of all ages celebrates colour, imagination, quality and handmade luxury.

Available for;
Ties 39AUD
– Handmade in England | Jacquard woven silk | Pure wool interlining | 8cm blade | 60 grams of luxury
Scarves 69AUD – Handmade in Italy | Hand rolled hem | Printed silk twill | 90 x 90cm Square | 21 momme weight
Personalise your item with a veneer label. See Silk Tie Veneer & Silk Scarf Veneer [/tab]

[tab title=”Heritage Club/Subscription”]

An exclusive subscription service of ready-to-wear or bespoke ties and scarves available up to 12 months. Each item is delivered monthly, worldwide, and celebrates over 400 years of woven and printed silk heritage combined with unique designs by the house of Edwin Pireh.

Each month the stylists at Edwin Pireh will personally select an item which will be elegantly gift wrapped and shipped out to you. Should you prefer you choose your own selections, please note them at checkout.

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[/tab] [tab title=”Handbags”]

The finest quality in the world can only be achieved by using the finest leathers and finishing’s. This, coupled with the traditions of being handmade, sets Edwin Pireh at the heights of leather handbag creations. Our collaboration has given birth to the creation of a truly magnificent handbag achieved by a combination of design by the house of Edwin Pireh, heritage, quality, luxury admiration and handmade craftsmanship.

Lion | Nero | Nero & Lion Collection | Scarf Ring

[/tab] [tab title=”Modern Bespoke”]

A one-of-a-kind designer experience whereby the Client, Edwin Pireh and mill create a bespoke item. The process involves:

1. Consultation between Edwin and the Client to realise the project.
2. A hand drawn/CAD design.
3. Presentation of strike-offs (sample blanket) displaying a variety of colourways.
4. Luxurious weaving of the one-off design by our mill in England.
5. Tailored items made exclusively from the woven silk.

Personalisation includes a hand monogrammed insignia;
example: “Handmade for Joe Smith by Edwin Pireh”

Available for: Ties, Waistcoats, Kids wear (ties and waistcoats), Clothing, Woven artwork and Homewares

Price: P.O.A

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[/tab] [tab title=”Fabrics”]

Our silk mill in England has been weaving fabric for over 300 years for some of the most prestigious fashion houses and royal appointments.. The Edwin Pireh experience allows you to select from existing runs of design from the archives or have a bespoke design made only for you. Theses designs can then be woven into silk, cotton, cashmere, linen, escorial wool plus blends of the same.

Price: P.O.A

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[/tab] [tab title=”Artwork”]

Through a meticulous process between designer and printer, each beautiful design is printed on satin paper. The detail is breathtaking and magnificent. Perfect for the home or office.

Custom sizes and colourways are available on request.

Artwork 195AUD – Printed in Australia | 200GSM satin paper | 90cm x 90cm square

[/tab] [tab title=”Weddings”]

One off designs that complement the tradition, setting and outfits of your unforgettable day.

A service designed for the groom, Edwin Pireh offers modern bespoke silk ties, waistcoats and ring cushions for that elegant touch to the wedding day. Often kept as a keepsake, these items also become the perfect gift to the groomsman. A truly unique experience that combines the designer, client and silk mill into an extraordinary experience for him.

Price: P.O.A

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[/tab] [tab title=”Lookbook”]Explore the Edwin Pireh Lookbook and see the inspiration behind the silk tie and silk scarf collection.

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silk scarf collection handmade in italy by edwin pireh

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