wearing one colour

One of the riskiest styles is attempting to wear one colour from head to toe. There are many ways to achieve this look and many ways to push the friendship with this style. However, when constructed thoughtfully this style can become magnificent and provide a sophisticated look. To make this work there are some considerations;

For her, any colour works well. Ladies have a natural feminine elegance that is promoted when they style in one colour whatever it is.
For him, darker colours hold a stronger masculinity and provide a more refined look. Men who opt for light or bright colours should do so if the goal is attention and not style.
For them, when considering the different items of a garment that go together to make a look try aiming for tones of the same rather the same tone all over. The different tones of the same colour help to break up the look and add dimension to the overall style.

Keanu Reeves in john wick

For him, the more layers worn the more calculated and detailed the look. Adding waistcoats, jackets, ties, scarves, hats, bags build this look for him.
For her, the less layers worn the more simplistic and glamorous the look. A dress with heels and a clutch is she needs. However, ladies can also be versatile and adapt his more layered look too, this diversity allows her to pick her occasions and style accordingly.  A woman wearing one colour blouse, pants, overcoat, scarf, heels and bag will look equally stunning.

Patterns / Textures
When wearing the one colour, patterns and textures aid the visual break of the single colour. They help to add a depth to a somewhat plain look. Adding patterns and textures add an element of architecture to the look making the fabric livelier.

Within each colour there are many versions of finishes, for example matt, gloss, sheen, scratched, beaded, metallic and many more. Wearing a combination of finishes once again helps breaking up the single colour while adding a beautiful structured look.

And Yes you can cheat!
To enhance the one colour all over look add a minor strike of an alternate colour as an attempt to detail. These subtle enhancements need to be exactly that and should not take over the look, some examples are; belts, socks, tie, scarf, clutch, glasses, heels, buttons, lining, zippers or just a strike in the fabric somewhere. Just make sure it’s only one of the nominated options and strictly no more.

The perception you want to create from onlookers is “I love the detail in your outfit” not “I love that two tone outfit you’re wearing”

silk ties and silk scarf