What to wear and take when travelling

For me, travelling is always on the menu. I love it and cherish any opportunity I get to travel. We have all experienced different things like short escapes, an international getaway, visiting summer islands, ski resorts or a cruise. Whatever the purpose or destination, the excitement leading up to the day the journey begins is magnificent. Counting done the days, hours and minutes, planning what to do, packing, all very enjoyable moments. Today, we are going to explore the essentials when travelling. What to wear and take is a big question for most of us so we have put together this list to help you for your next trip:

  1. Bag

Basic right? Well, on the surface it may be but I am not referring to a suitcase. I am referring to something that is portable, can carry your essentials and what is important to you on your trip. A handbag is a must. Always pack a smart, compact backpack, duffel bag or cross-body bag. Any of these are handy and store the essentials for any day out like keys, camera, mobile, passports and IDs.

  1. Footwear

This is a big one. Pack what you need for a variety of occasions like flip flops, sneakers, heels and sandals. Never rely on purchasing something when you get there as more than often you won’t find what you are looking for or your size is out-of-stock. Wear something super comfortable on the way, you will thank me for it later!

  1. Colours

We have all experienced that odd stain, one that wasn’t meant to be there but is. Wear colours that conceal any sight of a future stain, as well as sweat. Waiting in the airport can be frustrating, hot and long so stick with dark colours that hide anything you don’t want to be seen. Keep your colourful items for the night out when you arrive.

  1. Clothes

Some say if you’re travelling to a summer destination take only what you need like shorts, a bikini, swimwear, shirts etc. A winter destination calls for the opposite. I suggest pack for the worst. This does not mean take your whole closet but rather stock on items that you definitely use and add in a pinch of clothing items you will unlikely use. Take the summer destination just mentioned, adding in one jumper or jacket and pants might save you from that unexpected rainy day or freezing stopover at the airport with air conditioners on full blast while outside is hot.

Formal clothing is always handy when travelling especially if you are going to a destination and want to go out to an event, restaurant or club. Pack the essentials like a dress, suit, collared shirt, formal trousers or jeans, tie, scarf, these are better in your suitcase than home when travelling.

  1. Technology

Mobiles, computers, whatever you need for leisure or work, take it. Whether you are sendingĀ  an email, making a call, updating your status on Facebook or taking care of work while away, having one item that can do it all is safe. Research your destination for internet service and make sure your sim card supports you where you are travelling.

  1. Accessories

Keep it basic and don’t bring expensive items that cannot be replaced. Unless you have a really safe place to store them when travelling, items like gold, your favourite watch or necklace are best left out for this trip. If you can’t get over it if you lose it then don’t bring it!

  1. Toiletries

Makeup, fragrances, medications, shaving tools, creams, shoe polish, having a bag that holds all these is a life saver. Raid your bathroom cabinet and bedroom. Stock up on the essentials and don’t leave anything out.

  1. You

Lastly, when travelling, to whatever cool, awesome destination, enjoy the trip! You never know when you will do it again or be at that exact place so have fun, take many pictures/videos and good luck!