The Logo

The Logo

A brand’s logo is extremely personal, it signifies a personality, history, an image and physical aspect or body of the brand – Who they are, where they come from and what they are all about.

Designing the logo was a wonderful journey, involving a fusion of ideas, inspirations and colours. The Edwin Pireh logo is anchored by a middle stem, the heart and life-force of the three loops. This stem is capped with a crest.

What does this all signify? Appearing like a flower with a burst on top (look closely), it is actually an E connected to a P. Edwin Pireh’s initials are actually signed this way! The crest below is Pireh’s first ever design, a pattern which symbolises the beginning and personality of the Edwin Pireh label:

The Crest

Together, the logo, the stem and crest, translates as the signature to the label’s purpose and ambition: The world’s finest quality is only the beginning…