The Almighty Wallet Hunt

If men had to choose one accessory they could not live without, it will no doubt be the good ol’ wallet. I think everyone has or is still going through one of the wallet stages or phases – the cool sports style Velcro wallet at school or on an adventure, dad’s old wallet we were so proud of, a leather wallet that really wasn’t leather but we wanted to show off anyways to our friends and at some stage the ‘I don’t need a wallet’ phase where we only had our licence, maybe a credit card and some cash in a money clip. All good memories!

A wallet is everything to a man – a bank of cash and credit, ID, photos, business cards, membership cards, and of course a storage place for receipts. Practicality, comfort, style and quality are all features we look for when on the hunt for a wallet. Remember the good memories? Set them aside, it’s time to choose the ‘it’ wallet, the right wallet with the right features for you.

There is one thing you need to do before going on the almighty wallet hunt. Let’s start off with a few steps:

1. Get your wallet
2. Get everything out and I mean everything!
3. Toss it – in a draw, out the window or on the floor. Wherever you think best!

Here are the 5 features to look out for:

1. Quality
Leather is the first choice, as it is durable and suits any casual or formal outfit. If you are the sporty type, nylon or waterproof fabrics are a good choice when performing. For leather wallets, it’s all in the detail. Question the type of leather used, where it was made in, how it was made either by machine or hand, the stitching and the lining where the cash is stored and in-between each card slot. Lining can be a synthetic fabric or made from the same leather as the entire wallet which is of better quality and lasts longer due to fewer tears from handling.

2. Bi-fold or tri-fold
This feature is all down to preference. Do you carry 6-10 cards or more? If you are after a wallet that is thinner bi-fold is your friend. If you cannot live without all your cards then go for tri-fold.

Compartments are everything so make sure you scope the wallet out – check cash fits and cards fit. The one-size fits all rule does not apply here especially with foreign cash and cards. Do you store coins? If no, then opt for a wallet without a coin compartment. This just adds to the bulge so keep it slim.

3. Colour
Black and brown are staples and suited to all occasions. If you’re the adventurous type or want to stand out from the crowd, choose something with colour like blue, red, yellow or green. Nothing wrong with showcasing your personality. Better yet, when you do find the wallet choose 2 – one black or brown and one colour.

4. Practicality
Don’t get too overwhelmed with finding the right wallet that fits everything. Pulling out a bulging George Costanza wallet won’t impress anyone so limit the necessities to your wallet of choice. Items that are not every day can be left for a business card holder, travel wallet, wallet/phone cash combo or photo album.

5. Style
Style is a wallet that is subtle and elegant. Choosing a stylish wallet only has 3 rules:

– Small number of colour tones, one to three tones including stitching colour
– Minimal logos, complement rather than take over the whole item
– Stay away from distracting graphics, rather look for designer inspirations

Good luck with the almighty wallet hunt!