suspenders / braces

Dating back to the 1800s, modern suspenders made their appearance as a practical means of holding up ones trousers. What is iconic about this accessory is not how the front looked but more how the back was formed. What started with an ‘H’ back then evolved to an ‘X’ back and finally ending at the ‘Y’ back. Today all three forms are available.

If you wonder why your grandparents wear their trousers high it’s because the fashion at their time was to wear high waisted trousers. This meant the traditional belt could not be used hence the popularity of the suspender or brace. As the fashion of suspenders matured the item was associated to the higher end of fashion and worn mainly by executives, professionals and distinguished gentlemen.

As the waist height of fashion became lowered over the years the practicality of suspenders has slowly faded out making way to the dominant belt. But this fashion seems to be making a minor comeback. Men and women are wearing the suspender as a fashion piece, what once was a hidden accessory is now being used in plain view as a statement to the overall look.

On men the look oozes masculinity while the look on women screams sexy.

The suspender can be styled in many ways producing endless looks. It can either be a matching or contrasting colour to a neighbouring item like a tie, scarf, pants, shoes or bag. When matched the look becomes sophisticated and considered while a contrasting colour alludes the feeling of elegance and detailing.

Suspenders are also attached to the trousers by buttons or clips, buttons being the preferred providing a more traditional look. An accessory that was once a staple with a complete suit can now be worn with or without a jacket. In a more modern style this look without a jacket provides an excellent take on a traditional style. When suspenders are worn without a jacket and purposely made as a statement piece it is important to consider the width of the bands. Once this was a standard size but todays fashion allows for multiple widths from thin to thick. Despite the general vertical line of suspenders creating an illusion of height and slimming the width needs to remain in proportion to your body shape or desired outcome as this width will also add to the illusion of the look.

Known to provide a more comfortable wear then a belt it is certainly an accessory to be tried and tested.

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