socks or no socks?

Traditionally, wearing socks with pants is what one normally does in the processing of getting dressed. And one would generally stick to the basic three, black, brown or grey socks. A trend has evolved into two paths leaving either yet to be crowned the preferred. These options include the colourful / patterned socks to the bare skin no socks options. It seems to be a personal preference presenting ones personality while adding style to the overall look.

What pulls this look together is the neighbouring items being the pants and shoes. It’s all in the details so the small things here tend to make the biggest impact.

men sitting with no socks

Take the look of pants / socks / shoes. The attempt to this look is to highlight the detail in the socks especially if they feature bold colours and patterns. You want the pants to be long enough and short enough to tease the look of the socks when stationary, in motion or seated. When seated the pants normally ride up to expose the ankles and hence completely reveal the feature of the socks openly. Walking needs to also show glimpses of the socks when in motion and almost like a light beacon going off in continuous cycles the socks act as an occasional announcement. When standing stationary the socks are generally hidden (if the pants are full length), however depending on the contour of your shoes there may be a subtle opportunity to see the inspiration of the socks through the gaps.

Apart from socks the accessories that men can use to add character to their look include a silk neck tie, silk scarf and pocket square. If you are new to the accessory adventure start by adding one at a time and see what style looks best on you.

silk ties made in England

Now the look of pants / no socks / shoes. In this look the hero becomes the shoes. The bare ankles become a neutral zone that are no longer an attention seeker giving the spotlight to the shoes. The look can be worn with full length pants but more commonly worn with pants slight raised off the ankle. This look is also the opportunity for men to show some skin adding an element of sexy to the look.

Both styles have their occasions and when worn with conviction and hint of thought, they will transform the man into a stylish gentleman.

white brown and green pants white pants with green check socks man with brown pants and no socks red and blue socks man in blue suit and no socks yellow polka dot socks