Fine Woven Fabric

woven silk fabric made in england for Edwin Pireh

Edwin Pireh now offers a luxury textiles service consisting of fine woven silk, cotton, cashmere, linen & wool fabrics.

Since launching his unique fashion line just a handful of years ago, international demand for Australian designer Edwin Pireh has grown to epic proportions.

Despite this advancement, the brand continues to be underpinned by its core values: extensive research, craft-based expertise and one-of-a-kind designs that are constructed completely by hand.

The distinctly European flair in Edwin’s designs comes from his appreciation of both modern and classic Italian haute couture.

His fascination with the ancient European tradition of weaving fine fabrics has now led him to extend his fashion brand to include luxury textile materials, which his customers can use to craft their own one-off creations.

All of the fabrics are woven in England’s finest silk mill. Using knowledge passed down from one generation to another, these superb weavers truly know how to bring luxury materials to life.

[tabs style=”default” title=”The Range – We can provide you with either a custom design or existing pattern that is woven into the material.”] [tab title=”Silk”]Edwin Pireh’s ostentatious trademark: soft, brilliant silk of a more than decent weight. Try your hand at traditional silk embroidery art or enjoy the stunning woven fabric as is.[/tab] [tab title=”Cotton”]Cotton that is constructed with quality fibres and has undergone an intricate weaving process.[/tab] [tab title=”Cashmere”]Cashmere woven using only the finest, longest and softest hair.[/tab] [tab title=”Linen”]Quality linen that drapes beautifully and blends perfectly with cotton.[/tab][tab title=”Escorial Wool”]Escorial wool is naturally warm, breathable, elastic, durable and completely spectacular. It is a rare find and the most luxurious of all wools.[/tab][/tabs]

All of the aforementioned textiles are available individually or in a blend, for example, cotton with silk embroidery art, or a combination of woven silk and linen fabrics. Minimum order length is 5 metres, time-frame is 2-4 months.

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