[quote]Choosing the finest quality is a natural realisation of a standard measurable against other things of a similar kind, an excellence, an association between tradition, creativity and luxury.[/quote]

When the standards of Edwin Pireh were set to luxury, everything that involved the creation of an item had to follow the same discipline. This craftsmanship could only be achieved with the combination of traditional and contemporary methods. The mission to create the finest quality required the finest team of collaborating partners. Exclusive silk and leather houses in England and Italy, with a combined family heritage of over 500 years, joined the Edwin Pireh team. The scene was now set, innovative meticulous designs combined with the very best craftsmanship in the world.

[quote]It’s like baking a cake, if one of your ingredients is exceptional but the others are average, then the chances of an exceptional cake are average.[/quote]

Quick facts;
Handmade – An Artisan is creating and assembling a product by hand. There is a huge focus on care and delivery. No two handmade products are ever the same. Why? Minor differences and a mastered technique by an Artisan in producing each item has a unique effect. With so much attention, these items last much longer, perform better over time and are truly one-of-a-kind. This is the real beauty and value of being handmade.
Time – Once the fabric is created (to get to this point could take months or even years), hand making a tie or hand rolling the hem of a scarf can each take about an hour to complete. As for leather, hand making a handbag can take about 3 hours to complete. And that’s if you have several years of experience!

The signs of quality are there, on every tie, scarf and handbag, and while these may be hidden, need to be known. Often, you will see that a tie is silk a scarf is handmade, a handbag is leather or the origin is imported. What do these elements mean? How does it affect your purchase?

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the signs of real quality that is luxury.

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