Bespoke Silk Ties

Made of an exclusive run of intricately woven jacquard silk, Edwin Pireh can provide you with a tailored bespoke silk tie, designed and made completely by hand.

Every modern gentleman needs an appropriate selection of ties to complement each of their outfits, their moods and their frame of mind. A tie is a small garment but one that speaks volumes nonetheless.

The power of a tie extends beyond what most other accessories can offer. They immediately attract the human eye, and can inspire or rather interrupt an entire look.

The fashion designer’s superb illustrations stem from a love of the refined European culture, sophistication and style. His ideas are transformed into a reality using rare and wonderful colours, patterns and fabrics. His passion lies in finding a way to combine each of these stunning elements to produce a garment that blend together harmoniously and in perfect unison.

With special emphasis on personal style, proportions and the exquisite properties of quality silk, Edwin Pireh offers his clients a range of individually tailored bespoke ties.

With the bespoke line, Edwin can accommodate a range of unique twists on the ready-to-wear styles. A special motif, a personalised insignia, a significant message; let the designer know what you want and he will oblige.

Edwin Pireh has become an international leader with his contemporary range of silk bespoke ties. His fresh perspective on classic fashion allows him to create the most stunning designs which are then hand crafted by the finest European artisans. Please look through our online store for pictures.

Bespoke Silk Ties. Hand Made in: Australia – England – Italy

Handmade in England | Jacquard woven silk | Pure wool interlining | 8cm blade | 60 grams of luxury

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