Pro Style at work – The 7 Accessories

Whether you’re at the office or mobile, there are certain accessories that define a professional. While some professions will have pinpoint demands, such as a certain calculator, type of laptop, ruler etc, most agree on the basics. There are 3 certain areas we need to consider when communicating a professional style at work. These are:

1. Our image – What we wear defines who we are and how others picture us. An elegant dress, refined suit, designer tie and polished shoes are just some fashion items that define our look. Quality is everything and our experience has taught us one rule – handmade, handmade and handmade only by world-class artisans!

2. Our mind – Our personality, knowledge and being able to adapt is increasingly important with the ever-changing market and client. Learning and improving on fields of thought and our personality is always good.

3. Our accessories – This is an extension of our image and mind. Think of a folder and the important role it plays – our personal file and presenting a professional impact on the client. This is just one of many accessories that revolutionises our pro or professional style at work.

Now the basics are down, let’s explore number 3 and our accessories in more detail. At the end, you will undoubtedly be closer to achieving the ultimate pro style at work!

1. Pen – Keep it simple and elegant. Think gold, all gold and flashy. Now forget it! This look is not good and is a reminder of someone wearing gold chains around their neck! Blacks, silvers with hints of gold or white are safe. A carbon fibre look is cool. Aim for a pen that is modern and fresh. (Pictured – Mont Blanc Starwalker Carbon Fibre Pen)

Mont Blanc Carbon Fibre Pen Starwalker collection

2. Card organiser – Black or brown colours are professional while leather is the way to go. Match it to your folder rather than having opposing colours as they will both present like matching pieces. (Pictured – Mercedes-Benz AMG Business Card Folder)

Mercedes Benz AMG Business Card Folder Holder3. Folder – Again, black or brown leather. Quality is key as too is cleanliness. If any sign of wear and tear is obvious to you then it will be obvious to your client so opt for a new folder rather than concealing it. Use it all –  pockets, a nice book or notepad and pen holders are signs of a professional at his/her best! (Pictured – Mercedes-Benz AMG Leather Folder)

Mercedes Benz AMG folder black carbon fibre leather

4. The body – Enhance your look with a designer handmade tie, watch or silk scarf. Every item makes a difference to your overall look.

silk ties and silk scarf luxury silk scarves

5. Diary – Keep it in line with the card organiser and folder. A full diary means you’re popular so a diary’s best friend is your network. Grow it! (Pictured – Louis Vuitton Medium Ring Agenda)


6. Phone – Whether you’re an Apple, Samsung or HTC fan, make sure your phone is clean, damage free and in a nice looking case. Nothing is worse than a dirty phone, worn out case or cracked screen as this is a snapshot of your attitude given your phone is an extension of yourself and mind. (Pictured – Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Neo Hybrid)

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Neo Hybrid

7. Bag – This is your ultimate organiser, everything is here. Leather satchels, a briefcase, computer bag or roller bag is a must for every professional. Look out for bags that actually protect with good padding and handy pockets/compartments. While style is important so is the safety of your accessories, make sure to balance both. (Pictured – Givenchy Stamped Leather Briefcase)

Givenchy Black Leather Briefcase