Pocket Guide to Beach Fashion

Summer has kicked in here in Sydney, the holidays are near! Good times, lazy days, the sun, water and colour are all highlights of what to expect. We all have our own plans, yet most of us share something in common – hitting the beach! It’s all about being outdoors so what better to dress and impress.

We went around asking the team at Edwin Pireh for their opinion, some were cool, some were in-between and some were just freaky! So here it is (excluding the freaky of course), our pocket guide to beach fashion. Enjoy.

1. Colour
If you don’t know by now, we love colour. Check out our collection and news features. There is a lot of colour everywhere and it is screaming! A good thing about colour and the beach is it can be on anything – a watch, shirt, shorts, bikini whatever. All is welcome. It stands out and looks good on tanned skin. Think yellows, reds, bright blue and pink.

2. Swimsuits
Men – Speedos and the beach are not a good mix. Unless you are a professional swimmer, stay away from these. Swim shorts below or above the knee are both good, depending on your body shape. Obviously taller men are better suited to below the knee. Women – The traditional bikini has never gone out of fashion. Some variants include string, tankini (including a tank top), skirtini (including a skirt) and bandeaus.

3. Style
Now that we have colour, our shorts or bikini set, it is time to lift our outfit. Men – Opt for a cool t-shirt or polo (better suited for lunch/dinner after the beach), slip-on shoes or boat shoes. Women – ┬áTry a scarf dress by modifying two scarves into a nice beach dress that will be sure to impress. Sewing both together to loosely fit on your shoulders will do the trick and leave your arms and legs free. For both genders, try some stylish flip flops or sandals in leather or two or more tone colours as an alternative. Watches designed for the beach (waterproof and in style) are a good addition too, especially when in the water and wanting to know the time.

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4. Beach bag, sunglasses and headwear
Don’t leave without them! A good bag is a must. Often, we go to the beach with just a towel in our hands. Big no no! Our keys, wallet, purse, water, sunscreen and more need a place to live and the sand is not it! As for sunglasses, the aviator and wayfarer are classic styles. Whatever you wear just make sure it matches your facial shape and features. If you want to go wild, aim for prints and bright colours. As for hats, there are a few popular hat styles. We have explore the top 9 for men – click here to view.

5. Towel and sunscreen
These two protect us and our skin. A towel needs to follow two requirements – a good size, to fit your body when you dry and lie down. Most importantly it is a statement piece show showcase your inner self via a cool print or colour, whatever you fancy. As for sunscreen, only use the best and choose a broad spectrum sunscreen which has UVA and UVB blocking factors.

6. Sit back a relax…
The beach is an exciting place. Enjoy the moment and relax. Read a book, fall asleep, listen to some tunes or chat amongst friends/family. Summer is only here for a short time!

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