Guide to a Fashionable Desk

Nothing beats coming to a picture perfect desk. We all have our own neat additions we like to place, whether your desk is at home (dining table no no), work or somewhere in between (yes I am referring to those on the train or in the car using a flip table or your lap :-) haha! Nevertheless, having an awesome desk is satisfying to say the least. Coming to work to a desk that is a showcase of stunning style and practicality is the best medicine to a kick-ass day. Remember, a desk is everything – our organiser, problem solver, game station (during breaks of course), weekend planner, project developer and lunch room (keep it clean please). Make it fashionable, treat it with respect and viola – it will be your motivator day in, day out!

Here is our guide to a fashionable yet practical desk:

1. Cool yet comfortable desk and chair
Nothing beats comfort. When you are sitting at your desk for 8 or so hours a day you want to make sure the desk and chair fits in well with your body and space. 2 or 3 drawers, a paper handling file system and an adjustable, lightweight, ergonomic chair are all a must. Somewhere to place water or coffee is also neat to avoid spills on a computer or papers. Another addition is a stationary organiser, keep the necessities on your desk and the rest in a draw.

2. Creative touch
What do you like? What makes you at ease and ready? Pick three things you like, three things you relate to and love to have on or around your desk. Choose stylish and fashionable pieces, something modern or something with colour. Cool designs that a creative are the key. Think mirrors, flowers with colourful vases and photos in artistic frames. Another combo of three – sweets in a bowl, plants and a photographic calendar.

3. Keep your desk clean
We have all been there and done it. Desks that were spotless one morning and by afternoon looked as if a tiger or lion was let loose in a stationary store! Depending on the nature of your work, keeping it clean daily is impossible. That’s fine. If you can, before you leave for the day tidy your desk to what it was before you arrived otherwise aim for a nice clean desk before you leave on Friday so come Monday your desk is ready for an awesome week! You want your desk to be clean, efficient and positive.

4. Have some accessories with style
No desk is complete without some great accessories that have some style. Think of your laptop, pens, folder and a cup/saucer set. Aim for items that have quality and premium look/feel – Mac Air or Asus Zenbook, Montegrappa or Visconti pen, Louis Vutton folder and Deviehl coffee set. Nothing beats premium accessories, especially when heading to the next meeting or presentation and strutting your stuff!

pen coffee cup laptop netbook folder