bespoke silk ties and silk scarves

The fine details are what define that something is special and at Edwin Pireh we have pushed the boundaries to achieve that for our clients. What makes Edwin Pireh bespoke so unique is that the item is only made once an order has been placed. From hand sewn neckties and jacquard woven tipping to hand rolled hems, it’s the process of this realization that truly makes the bespoke silk ties and silk scarves a personal experience.

The journey begins with the client selecting from a range of designs from the bespoke silk tie and silk scarf collections, the fabric is then woven or printed in a single run of only enough fabric for their particular item. This amazingly small run of fabric is then passed onto an artisan who will hand make / hand finish the item. While the silk is being created the personalized veneer label is being laser cut to reflect the identity of the owner “handmade for John Smith by Edwin Pireh”. Once the silk tie or silk scarf is made the veneer label is then hand sewn onto it before it’s packaged and dispatched to the client.

If that impressed you, try this, many of our clients then move onto the modern bespoke experience, here everything described above happens except the selection of a design. Here clients with the personal collaboration with Pireh will create a brand new design / pattern that is individually designed to the clients specifications. Edwin will guide you and together will create an individual masterpiece. A true bespoke like nothing else in the world.

What bonds this all together is the unrivaled quality and craftsmanship. Our silk mills whether it be for printing or weaving share a heritage of handmade craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation over a combined 400 year company heritage. These mills in England and Italy represent the pinnacle in their field and marked as being the finest in the world.

bespoke silk ties

The bespoke and modern bespoke service is fantastic opportunity whether it be for a personal wardrobe, gift for a loved one, and special occasion like a wedding or corporate attire. The service is also widely used by other fashion labels who are looking for the finest quality in the world, they add their flair combined with the expertise at Edwin Pireh to create a new line to their adoring clientele.

Whatever your needs may be contact the team at Edwin Pireh via to see how we can help you.