Welcome to Edwin Pireh.

Edwin Pireh has two core elements that he adheres to – unique designs and handmade craftsmanship.

Launched in November 2012, Edwin Pireh has hit the ground running. With clients all over the world and a strong following on social media, this young Sydney designer is in demand adding a unique touch to outfits by creating bespoke pieces for private wardrobes, corporate, weddings and special events.

Edwin Pireh has been hand-drawing designs for over 20 years. A love of designing patterns and a lifetime working in the executive world surrounded by bland, poorly made ties inspired Pireh to found a luxury fashion label. Pireh’s beautiful designs are complemented with being handmade by the finest silk mills and leather houses in the world that have a combined family heritage of over 500 years, scarves / handbags in Italy and ties in England.

I researched and researched, communicating with printers and weavers from all over the world, visiting, touring, sampling, it was a wonderful journey leading me to the finest silk and leather in Italy and England. I wanted my creations to be produced by artisans, using traditional and modern methods, the best materials and fabrics available and most importantly to have collaboration which celebrated our combined values

The silk is amazingly soft to touch, colours pop, the weight is respectable and the quality has been rated amongst the finest in the world. Scarves are printed on silk twill, 90cm x 90cm square, handmade in Italy, feature a hand rolled hem, and are 21 momme in weight. Ties are 60 grams of luxury, jacquard woven silk, 8cm blade, handmade in England and feature a pure wool interlining. Handbags are handmade in Italy using exquisite drummed calf leather representing the pinnacle in handbag design. The art gallery showcases a collection of 90cm x 90cm square artworks printed on 200gsm satin paper and made in Australia. If you want something extra special then explore our modern bespoke service, custom designed, custom woven or printed and custom made.

Luxury, elegance and beauty from a Sydney designer that collaborates with finest artisans and mills in England and Italy.

The world’s finest quality is only the beginning…   

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