26 Men’s Must-Haves

From men’s fashion accessories and items on the desk to improving your inner-self, every man must have these top 26 whether in the wardrobe ready for the next occasion, at the workplace, or a boost to your image.

1. The tie – Keep your neck cool and your suit complete with a nice silk tie. A staple in every man’s collection, a tie is a statement piece in your outfit, one that screams your style! Next time you shop, look out for these features – designer, handmade by artisans, silk and wool interlining. Edwin Pireh ties are regarded as the finest – check out our ready-to-wear and bespoke collection.

Edwin Pireh Silk Ties – $89-$120colourful floral paisley ties designer silk

2. What goes around your waist? – A belt! We all need something to keep our shirts in and pants up. Suits tend to be popular in black, grey and navy so having a great black belt will match all. Look out for leather (all the way through), handmade and a buckle to suit. Stay away from huge buckles or one that grabs too much attention down there!

Hermes Belt – $1620Hermes belt $1620

3. Wallet – I don’t think any man can go without one. Our lives are all in there, IDs, cards, cash etc. There are quite a few styles and variations out there but it all comes down to one in the workplace – a leather wallet as it complements business style. A defining feature is the lining used in each slot – be it card or cash. If this is made from the same leather, rather than a synthetic fabric, than the wallet itself you have a winner! Explore our guide on the almighty wallet hunt.

Burberry Wallet – $600burberry wallet

4. The ultimate bag – Diaries, books, notes, phones all need a place to take it easy and relax. A bag is the ultimate accessory for a variety of items and can range from a duffle, briefcase, backpack whatever you fancy. Keep in it inline with your attire and professional, don’t get too distracted with a bag aimed for the outdoors or one that has a casual look. Pockets, pockets, pockets and yes sleeves too – plan ahead with enough space for the worst case scenario of what you need to take to work.

Bottega Veneta Atlantic Nero Intrecciatio Nappa Briefcase – $2280Bottega veneta ATLANTIC NERO INTRECCIATO NAPPA BRIEFCASE $2,280

5. Suit – Ever heard the saying ‘It is the suit that defines a man’? A suit is an investment, in yourself, your image and confidence. Having at least 3 colours is a must – black, grey, navy. Depending on your body shape, you’re matched to a different fit – slim, regular and tailored. One, two, three or more buttons also cater to a fashion style or occasion. Put this on your bucket list – MUST VISIT A TAILOR!

Canali Suit – $2500canali suit

6. Something to write with – If you are dealing with clients whether at the office or home, having a pen that is both functional and impressive is a nice addition to your collection. Unfortunately the cheap plastic pens at the local store in packs of 5 or 10 don’t make the cut. Think Montblanc, Chopard and Visconti. Remember, you only need one so make it one that you love.

Cartier Panther Decor Fountain Pen – $15000Cartier PANTHER DECOR FOUNTAIN PEN £7,050

7. Laptop/tablet – Depending on the nature of your work, a laptop or tablet will suit your requirements. There are a few features to consider – portability, processing power, battery length and screen size. it all depends on what you need it for – access the net/emails, designing, documents etc. Top 4 – iPad, Surface, Asus Zenbook or MacBook.

Apple iPad Air – from $619apple tablet

8. Phone – Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, need I say more? Not going into this vs that (Happy to leave that to the forums out there!), having one that can do it all ie: calls, social media, emails, internet, gps, photos, is a lifesaver for any task ahead. Showing off the latest and greatest is also good too! Get it on a plan or pop in a sim, whatever you decide go for unlimited calls, text and a good chunk of data. You will thank me when you have a few 30min calls or many texts to clients in a single day!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – from $999samsung galaxy s6 edge

9. Your feet need a home too – Black and brown shoes match nearly every suit/trouser colour. Inline with a suit, having one handmade and handcrafted by a bespoke shoemaker is an experience that must be on your bucket list! Tip to follow – Choose something simple in design that showcases elegance rather than bling. Make sure it’s light and comfortable as your feet will be spending most of its time here or in bed!

Boss shoes – $645Italian Leather Double Monk Strap Dress Shoes by BOSS

10. An organiser – Nothing beats an old-school organiser or diary. Everything goes in here – meetings, notes on clients, birthdays and of course the most important holiday dates! Find a good quality organiser/diary that has changeable inserts. This way it will last a while as you can purchase refills. A quality leather piece and one that matches your pen will sure impress!

Louis Vutton – $930Louis Vuitton LARGE RING AGENDA COVER $930

11. Socks – A subtle form of expression, the once black and brown socks have been updated to a more modern look. Patterns and colour once reserved for ties are now making their way onto socks. This hidden detail is a very stylish way of providing an additional pattern or colour to the overall look.

Italian woven socks – $149socks21

12. Eyewear – We all pay special attention to our face and the way it looks. Grooming, cutting, shaving and cleaning, there is alot that goes on there. Wearing glasses and sunglasses take up a good area on your face so it makes sense to wear something that is cool and fashionable. Weather you go for ready-to-wear or bespoke glasses/sunglasses ensure it matches your face including the colour, material, lenses and fit. Having a nice complimenting case and cloth makes it all complete so watch out for the generic cases/cloths that accompany your glasses/sunglasses.

Ray Ban Aviator – $300rayban aviator classic

13. Car – Who doesn’t like to drive a nice car? I think it’s fair to say that most of us would love to drive a Lamborghini to work but unfortunately this is a luxury reserved for the fair few! Depending on your professional need to drive an expensive car, it might be a must despite your salary potential while for others a car is just a simple means of transportation.

Lamborghini Asterion – $TBC2015 Lamborghini Asterion LPI910-4 Concept

14. Network – If you are motivated by succeeding as much as you can in your profession you need to look outside of your 9-5 walls. Everyday we liaise with our colleagues but to know what your competitors or industry are doing make sure to get out there, attend common functions and start having discussions. Some of the biggest business deals have been made are a result of networking and collaborating ideas. These events are not for sharing your personal business IP but more to discuss what is and isn’t working for your industry and if there is anyone out their worth talking to further that will in turn help you as well as your business to grow or do things more economically/efficiently.


15. Shirt – Apart from a quality shirt that sits and feels well on the body, learn how to iron a shirt so it feels brand new each time you wear it. There is nothing worse then a wrinkled shirt that presents more negative dispersions than a beautifully crisp looking shirt. Also know when it’s time to replace the old with new and don’t hold onto a shirt until the arms physically fall off, know when it’s time to replace so you always present in a professional manner.

Brioni business shirt – $575Brioni business shirt $575

16. Fragrance – Why just look good when you can also smell good. Picking the right aftershave or cologne is very important as not all types suit all men. There are a number of considerations for picking your scent which include your skin type, your profession, your partner’s preference, the occasion, the list goes on and on! We recommend that having a variety being 4 or more is the best way to ensure you are ready for all situations. Also try making blends to discover new personal scents.

Chanel Bleu – $169chanel bleu

17. Grooming – Whether you sport a beard or not, your facial and head hair should look as well manicured as a golf course! There is no point having the look neck down if the look neck up doesn’t support it. A growing trend right now is barber shops that provide the traditional cut throat shave with the option of a lovely whiskey. Very manly and a great treat for a man’s man.

Kings Domain Barber Shopkings domain barber shop

18. Lunch – You are what you eat! In a world where healthy habits are not only good for your health but fashionable, our lunch habits can also be economical vs the convenient fast food which can add up at the end of the week. Depending on what you’re ordering will contribute to your overall health and how you feel for the rest of the day. As an alternative and without the risk of being anti social at work you can buy your drink while still enjoying your own homemade healthy lunch.


19. Drink bottle – Similar to a tie, the drink bottle is another way to express your personality as a physical item. Considering they come is many different finishes such as plastic, glass, aluminium, timber etc just the finish paints a picture of the type of person. Fill it will water or a healthy mix of fruits/vegetables and enjoy it throughout the day.

Life Factory drink bottle – $40life factory

20. A special mug – Where would we be without coffee? A morning must-have or afternoon wake-up call, having our very own coffee mug is a delight when brewing our coffee at work. A quality piece, one with our name or from our kids (World’s Greatest Dad!) is all good.

coffee mug

21. Jacket/Coat – Over a suit, this layered look presents the business man with style and sophistication. A look that paints a picture of a boss and person of authority.

Brioni coat/jacket – $5000Brioni jacket

22. Umbrella – An accessory that we generally forget, even when the weather is bad, the umbrella presents a look of practicality and organisation. The image of a well-dressed man that has even spent the time to consider the weather elevates that person into a sense of higher society.

Francesco Maglia umbrella – from $400Francesco_Maglia_Umbrella

23. Hat – The pinnacle of being dapper is the hat. Once a must have accessory among men, today the hat has somehow become an optional requirement. The nostalgia none the less is still there as coupled with a well made suit, the hat can add the additional level of sophistication to the overall look.


24. Business card holder – A dedicated business card holder is a professional way of presenting your card to someone. Instead of fumbling through your wallet or bag, this card holder is the perfect accessory to show someone that you give out so many cards that they need their own compartment while being stylish at the same time.

Fort Belvedere – $150Business Card Case in Whisky Brown Leather & Blue Lining by Fort Belvedere $150

25. Confidence – To know everything about your profession is only 50% of your confidence. You will need more to present and share your ideas. The best way to gain confidence is by means of experience and the best way to gain experience is to have a go. Yes, you will fail many times on the road to gaining confidence but each time you fail, you also have the opportunity to learn and reflect which in turn gains a small amount of confidence.


26. Never stop learning – To be at the top of your game requires a level of understanding into what being at the top requires. All industries are competitive and there will always be someone pushing to be the ultimate leader. Take it upon yourself to invest in your personal growth by means of obtaining additional education, attending seminars and looking up ways to maximise your performance.