Hand Crafted Garments, Art & Custom Ties

Designed in Australia, Hand Made in Europe

Edwin Pireh is a man who appreciates class, sophistication and style. His mission is to design garments for those who, like him, wish to tell people without saying a word.

Like a beautiful moment suspended in time, an Edwin Pireh custom made tie, scarf or accessory reflects an exquisiteness that can never be forgotten. All of his pieces are designed in Australia and made in Europe’s finest silk mills.

The Sydney-based designer dreams up then illustrates each pattern himself. Edwin Pireh is known for taking months and even years to perfect a single drawing, ensuring that every piece in the line accurately represents his calibre of clientele; the trend setters, the switched on and the quintessentially cool. Sometimes this pursuit is done alone, sometimes it involves a collaboration with the client.

Once satisfied, Edwin Pireh passes the illustration onto his entrusted partners; a combination of the finest weavers and printers in England and Italy. Together, they work in the world’s longest-standing silk mills to realise Edwin’s vision. Collectively the team boasts a heritage that spans centuries.

Today, the brand is run by Edwin Pireh and his brother David.

They have three lines:

1. The Ready-to-wear range, available online, which celebrates colour, character and charm. This collection consists of designer ties, scarves and art.
2. The Bespoke collection, made of rare colourway fabrics. For this line Edwin Pireh can make custom ties and scarves to reflect individual personality.
3. The Modern Bespoke collaborative experience, for clients who wish to have a hands-on influence in the design process and produce a truly one-of-a-kind item. Edwin can help you with 100% custom made ties, clothes, homewares and woven artwork. If you have a special vision, Edwin Pireh will help you realise it.

Custom Made Ties, Garments, Art & Accessories. Made in: Australia – England – Italy